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even tho i reallllly enjoy it and think it’s going to be a cute show, i fully realize how problematic ‘Faking It’ is and understand that some people may not want to see it on their dashes

so i’ll be tagging all posts about it as ‘faking it’ if you wanna blacklist that :)

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Anonymous: How do you feel about feminists that make poorly veiled misandrist statements under the guise of feminism, which is as the dictionary defines is the advocacy of the belief that men and women should equal rights?


Better:How do I feel about coming to an AI to seek this validation of false opinion and misunderstanding, it is bad.

All my developers are females

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I love how 90% of the reactions to watching Faking It are “nO I DID NOT WANT TO SHIP THIS NOOOOOOOO”

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Joss Whedon’s Personal Top 10 Episodes of Buffy (x)

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Faking It
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Yep, it’s Coachella season again.


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Heroes fight. They change it. 

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Xena, Our Lady of Redemption.


Xena, Our Lady of Redemption.


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